About Us

Our Vision

Sahasra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences our potential to see beyond the obvious has not only established us as a emerging leader in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, research and development in the State of Telangana, India, but has also positioned us among the best education destinations in the Southern Region of India.

Sahasra Education Society is a people-oriented organization, with a primary purpose of providing the best quality education, and governs the Sahasra College of Pharmacy and many other upcoming institutions in engineering, nano-sciences, bio-technology and Information Technology fields. Our vision is driven by a spirit of social awareness, sincerity in offering the best education and striving towards providing innovative solutions that serve our academic community. Our quest for excellence has made us an upcoming institution in the fields of Pharmaceutical sciences, research and academic achievement, which has enabled us to earn a respectable status in the society and a significant role-player in our community.

Our Mission

Sahasra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences our goal is to provide the highest value education in the field of pharmacy and strive towards producing the some of the best graduating pharmacy professionals in the industry.

Our mission is to provide quality education to our students and creating an empowering experience to everyone involved with our educational initiatives through our organization.